A very common question is what type of electric board should I use to make my own electric board?

Choosing the right electric skateboard deck really depends on the deck or type of ride you prefer.

General guidelines

As far as general guidelines are concerned......What specifications do we recommend?

For standard long boards with ordinary motor mounting seats.We recommend the following:

  • The electric slide battery pack requires about 20 inches of housing and electronics.
  • Ordinary motor bracket needs about 3". This is the motor bracket for mounting below deck facing deck center.
  • If you are using larger wheels, with a diameter of 97 mm or larger, I will also add about 1" to the sides to leave a gap.
  • This means that we recommend using a 25-26" wheelbase on a hard but sturdy deck. The reason for a hard and sturdy deck is to ensure that the battery itself does not bend, as this can damage or damage the battery.

For downhill decks, straight-through decks, or the like, you install the motors in the reverse direction (outwards, not inwards).

  • Our electric skateboard battery pack needs about 20" for housing and electronics.
  • Add 1" to both sides to make room for a larger electric longboard wheel.
  • You only need a 22-inch wheelbase since you did not install the electric skateboard motor bracket inward.

Different types of longboard decks

Typically, longboard decks range from 26 "to 44" or greater. Standard sizes are 30 "to 40".

Different styles or shapes of longboards can provide different benefits and functions.

We will try to explain...

Kick the longboard deck

Kicktail Longboard Decks is my personal top choice. They are of moderate size and are extremely maneuverable.

A kick-tail longboard deck can also be a mini cruiser.They range from 26" to 40" sometimes a little bit larger, but usually not. A kicktail longboard deck will include a tail at the back end, which you can rotate on the back truck if required.

The Kicktail deck is perfect for city biking or cruising.

For electric skateboards, the best kicktail skateboard is the one without the nose. This means that the front truck is as close to the front of the deck as possible. This will ultimately help to minimize deck size while giving you a usable kick tail.

Kicktail decks usually run on the hard side and are not as flexible as other decks.

Downslope longboard deck

Total longboard deck length for downhill decks can range from 30" to 40"+.

These decks are usually good for people who don't want or need a kicktail. Who wants more board space? These also mean a higher top speed, as they are usually longer, more stable and can be ridden faster.

There are also more options for these types of decks, such as:

  • Top-mounted - Top-mounted decks are standard installation for longboard trucks.You usually install the longboard truck directly below the "top mount" deck.
  • Straight through - Straight through decks allow you to mount trucks between your decks, which will give you a lower center of gravity. Typically, for these Settings, you must reverse-mount the motor bracket for it to work.In addition, it may have clearance issues, all decks may be different, and all decks may not be installed correctly.