Building your own DIY electric skateboard can be a difficult and confusing project, but in the end it is truly rewarding and exciting! Once you really start riding and climbing steep hills, you'll have a good time. You wish you hadn't had this when you were younger (I usually think so).

There are many different types of electric skateboard construction that you can create such as single motor electric skateboard, double motor electric skateboard, penny board electric skateboard, all terrain electric skateboard, hub motor electric skateboard, push board clones and more.

If you think it's too much information to sift through, or you just don't have the time. We have simplified the building and part selection process for you, so you don't need to just visit our Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit page, which will include all the parts you need except a longboard deck. Then you can visit our How to Make an Electric Skateboard article and read instructions for installing your High Performance Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit.