About the Epower Pack 10S4P package.The battery pack itself has the size of the battery pack.

520mm x 144mm x 22mm (mm)

20.47 inches x 5.66 inches x 0.86 inches (in)


We used a larger housing to accommodate the 10S4P skateboard battery and 2 VESC + receivers. Actual cabinet dimensions are as follows.

645mm x 150mm x 28mm (mm)

25.39 inches x 5.90 inches x 1.10 inches (in)


10S4P setup requirements

Inward mount motor - minimum 29 "wheelbase.30 "+ wheelbase or longer is recommended.

Motor mounting base is about 3 inches from wheelbase.

Reverse motor mount - min. 26 "wheelbase.A 27-28 "wheelbase or longer is recommended.

The motor mounting seat faces the back of the circuit board. This means you get 3 inches of wheelbase in the middle, but you can't kick the long board.It must be grabbed from the side to pick it up.

Longboard deck recommended

Below are the following longboard decks I recommend.

To install

A wheelbase of 30 inches or more is recommended.Rigid/rigid deck.Without falling.You can still use other tires, but that's risky.

Jet 2016 Killshot Drop Through 39

Deck dimensions: 39 inches

The wheelbase: 30.5"

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Renee 2016 Supreme Push Cartoon

Deck size: 37.25"

Wheelbase: 31 inches

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Omen 2016 Mastadon

Deck dimensions: 40 inches

The wheelbase: 30.5"

Resilience level: medium (may be acceptable.Better stiffness/safety.)

Reverse mount or hub motor

26-27 "+ wheelbase is recommended.

JET 2016 Potato 34.5 Longboard Skateboard Deck (with grips)

The wheelbase: 23.5 "- 27"

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Jet 2016 Vulcan Rocker 35 Longboard Skateboard Deck (with grips)

Wheelbase: 23.75 inches -27.375 inches

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Pantheon Pioneer Longboard Skateboard Deck with Grips

Wheelbase: 25-28 inches

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Bustin 2016 task 36

Wheelbase: 26 inches

Elasticity grade: medium

Rayne 2016 Rival Push

The wheelbase: 27.75-28.5"

Elastic grade: Stiffness

Goats for 2016

Deck dimensions: 37.5"

28 "wheelbase:

Elasticity grade: medium