Wheel Set(Wheel+Hub Motor) Suitable For Hub Drive

Sale price$173.60

wheelset for 90mm ( 2 front wheels + 2 rear wheels (Hub Motor)  or 2 front wheels + 2 rear wheels (Swappable PU) + 2  Hub Motor

This pulley kit is used in our dual belt-powered truck kit.

This 35T drive pulley kit is also compatible with ABEC wheels and MBS wheels. ABEC wheels fit directly with our pulleys and MBS 100mm wheels fit well just need to modify the pulleys a bit.


(1) 4 pieces 83mm*52mm longboard PU wheel 78A

Equips with 6 608 bearings and 4 bearing sleeves.

Optional color (black, red)

(2) drive the wheel pulley

35T 5M HTD5 pulley (black, nylon)

13 mm wide wheel

Lip bearings with 2pcs are used to drive wheel pulleys

(3) motor pulley

13T 5M pulley (black, steel)

(4) 250-5M-12mm Width Belts

Belt Pitch: 5mm

Belt Width: 12mm

Number of Teeth: 50

Belt Length: 250mm


Wheels: Standard

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